Giver Take

by Jonathan Hape

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Giver Take is an impromptu writing and recording session and features a mix of the stream of consciousness writing style from PLACES and the layering and organic folk sounds from Carnivore.

The album is a mix of Hindu philosophy, personal spirituality and really just a guy's poetry about stuff.

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released June 14, 2014

Giver Take was written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Hape in his living room in Columbus OH between the hours of 8:00am Monday June 9th and 11:30pm Tuesday June 10th of 2014.



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Jonathan Hape Columbus, Ohio

Jonathan Hape has been writing, recording, and performing his music regionally as well as nationally for the past decade.
He has put out 4 full lengths: Letters To India (2005), I'm Awake/I'm Asleep (2006), Carnivore (2009), and PLACES (2012).
As well as his newest work, Giver Take (2014)
Jonathan plans to tour indefinitely and make records until he's physically unable to
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Track Name: Atman
i need for the spirit to bleed so that we can believe

the spirit is truth

i see that the spirit will lead us to question belief

the spirit is truth


atman will go back to Brahman
back to where it belongs

the spirit is truth
Track Name: Who Are The Enemies
every time we look away the cycle starts again
foolish movement permeates the heart of every man

oh are there enemies oh?
oh are they enemies oh?
who are the enemies oh?
oh are they enemies oh?

a candle flickers just to show the life it has inside
persistently it lights the way without a thought besides

where has my memory gone?
all of my memory gone!

oh i am falling!
Track Name: Turn Away And Laugh
you got me goin like i'm rowing to your fuzzy magazine lifestyle keep it wild like the mezzanine i'm movin fast past hash livin like it is a dream goin down to the holocaust mewzeem
somethin tells me everythings gonna be fine
its best to turn away and laugh
you wont remember cuz your mouth moves like your seventeen eat sick get shipped out like you write similes i'm an easy sittin wheel on a chunk of livin steal walkin talkin so surreal wont you tell me whats the deal wide eyed til you die suit and tie get some pride
Track Name: I Here
i here
i found it here
i never found it here
i have never found it here
i have never found it here before or since
Track Name: Giver Take
in the longest days
lifetimes make their way
through the cracks we create
when concentration starts to break

we are whole

arbitrary are our shapes
it evolves to be our way
when the sun was just a babe
the universe observed our fates

we can't hold