by Jonathan Hape

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"Hape's sound defies easy description, pulling from many genres, but his reverb-drenched vocals tie his tracks together. Sounding like something from Audrey Horne's jukebox, his multitracked vocals echo dreamily off in the distance even as entire songs shimmer, mirage-like" ~ Round Magazine

"Catchy to the easily uninterested listener. [Four Stars] ****" ~ Cincinnati Examiner

"Jonathan Hape has written a wonderfully lo-fi/dream pop album that is as catchy as it is vivid. PLACES is candy to your ears, a sweet treat for rainy days and spirited nights. Do yourself a favor, download and listen generously." ~

"Drags you in a pastel flooded colour day... 60's style and vagrant attitude" ~

Live at the Southern Theatre:

We Were The Sky:
Whirling Dervish:

PLACES by Jonathan Hape is the follow up to 2009's Carnivore. Taking a much different approach than Carnivore, Hape made this record decidedly simple, ambient, electronic, and very automatic. In 2010 he abandoned recordings of what will be known as Color Wounds, the intended follow up, and started the new wave group Room & Board (then known as Honeymoon). During this, visions of Color Wounds grew, as well as his interest in Hinduism. While recording the material for a second time, Hape found a clearer vision, as well as a sharper view, than that which he was presenting. What started as a distraction and a writing experiment turned into PLACES. Recording would take place throughout August 2012, mixed in September, mastered in October.
PLACES deals with personal subjects such as indecision, lack of clarity, faith, remorse, and an overall winning optimism even in heartache. On a larger, more philosophical scale, the album's recording and presence is an example of the duality of all things and the third unity, or realization, or escape (Moksha) they create when understood as equal separate and whole. Symmetry in LRC panning, play on words and lyrical style, standard song structures, and the repetitive beats all add up to a larger philosophy on the structure of all things, and within that structure, the struggle leading to something of great purpose.

all songs were recorded with a 1981 American Fender Bullet plugged directly into a Presonus Firepod using Amp Modeler on Logic Pro 9. Hondo p bass copy with flatwounds. Lowry electric organ. Vocals were recorded with a Shure 57, hand held. Structure and theme.


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released October 16, 2012

Jonathan Hape: sequencing, keys, guitar, bass, vocals, percussion, engineering, mixing, mastering.



all rights reserved


Jonathan Hape Columbus, Ohio

Jonathan Hape has been writing, recording, and performing his music regionally as well as nationally for the past decade.
He has put out 4 full lengths: Letters To India (2005), I'm Awake/I'm Asleep (2006), Carnivore (2009), and PLACES (2012).
As well as his newest work, Giver Take (2014)
Jonathan plans to tour indefinitely and make records until he's physically unable to
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Track Name: My Dreams Are All About The Same House
the only time that i'm at peace
is when i am fast asleep
cuz i never have to know
exactly where i'm gonna go
the thought of the future begs
that right now i'm on strong legs
but as we already know
our legs were always meant to bow
you and i do hypnotize
spinning highs
pensive sighs
certain words need underlined
i hear your knock
at my door
i hope i can hear them more
we'll make a song

silent too long
i have just the house to haunt
hurt skin
healed again
usable and soft again
the eye can see
what it wants
what it wants is usable
usable and soft again
Track Name: Height Hit Heads
i feel like something's stuck between my teeth and everyone is guessing what it could be
but we both know it is the flesh of the beginning love that never let me cut so hard you'd feel sore for another month
it's cooked by fire of the demons demons demons that would later send an IOU for things they'd never give to me
i have been cheered on, screaming "defense defense defense" but the way i see it i would rather crash a plane into the bleachers

as i look back and start to count all of my losses will i count you as the greatest or are you the one that i can keep
i have i just forfeited all my chances and mistake a christ figure for a trade wind that delays my flight as i am forced
to eat a meal or 2 or 5 or 6 or 7 while i'm waiting very patiently though i know that i live next door
i'm getting dizzy thinking i'm overcome with feelings
but maybe this swan that's made of stars is just what i am looking for

don't cross me out
Track Name: Ease Into Things
i ease into things

i've spent my whole life just easing into things

cuz you can't go wrong
when you're standing still
(i can't move)

no i won't go wrong
cuz i'm standing still
(i can't move)
Track Name: Whirling Dervish
i see my life explained
as the years waste away
and ever other day
feels so much more normal
do you think
that i could get away
with murder of my fate?

am i just too afraid?

is there is there
is there is there a third way?

is that me, is that me
or is it running down your neck?
Track Name: Buttons
hey love wanna come over?
hey love when is it over
hey love: attaching my strings
hey love: that's lingering

before you bite all your buttons off

we both know that the fall
kills what we grow in the spring
so lets eat the seeds
that have grown into what we need
Track Name: Magic Abounds Within
i hope you don't dream of those hands
beating down your door
i hope you don't dream of dark rooms
that you cannot explore
i hope you don't dream of oceans
i hope you don't dream of kites
i hope you don't dream of long roads
i hope you don't dream tonight

i hope you don't dream tonight cuz
it's better if you don't:
that wilderness prepares you
it makes it so you wont
make your own decisions
life your kind of life
so if you want to move on
i hope you don't dream tonight

i'm full of indecision
and you are full of spite
so if you don't mind me saying so
i hope you don't dream tonight
make your own decisions
life your kind of life
so if you want move on
i hope you don't dream tonight
Track Name: Beyond! Henceforth!
Track Name: In Different Shapes
it takes a while to notice our trails light up like oil
next thing you know you're seeing rainbows pool in the soil
so go and i'll shed my wings
so you can observe some things
about the weight that your mind can take

so come on and beat it out, come on and beat it out of your head
i'm honest like a doubt
i'm on it like a drought to your dread

i'm eating just like i'm a mistress competing weights
the haze of clouds is just a smoke stack so let it break

we know that you'll go west
as i walk back to my nest
that's built with my distress

so come on and spit it out
come on and don't just eat what you're fed
i'm haunted like a house
the ghosts fly from my mouth to the dead
Track Name: His Holiness Of Saint Eugene Wagon
every day i live i say "i want to win"
but today i want to lose
every day i live i say "i know my path"
but it's still so hard to choose
nothing here's directional
i'm not just here speaking to you
i am also speaking to YOU
can't you tell?
nothing here is permanent
look, the mark is permanent
you remember the smell

if you ever wanted to write my name down
just remember there's a line
that goes across every word that i've said
so it extends all the time
i can say i own a radio
then say "what's a radio?"
i don't know who i'm talking to half the time
but as long as i can circle
and you can draw a circle
then you need not draw the line

(look the curls were permanent for months before they fell)